Friday, January 29, 2016


Hey everyone! I have updated the challengers list so that it should be up-to-date as of this evening. We have almost fifty participants! That's CRAZY. It's so much bigger than last year! From this point on, since we're a month in, I'll be updating the challengers infrequently - there's just not enough time in the day, and I have to prioritize.

Someone recently asked me if I keep up with all of the blogs. Yes! I totally do! It's my favorite part of running this group - getting to stalk all of you and see the things you're doing. Trust me that if you are participating, you are totally on my radar and I'm rooting for you. I'll even stop and think about you all intermittently - like, "I wonder if Jeanette figured out the maple sugar thing she was asking about in the Facebook group", or "I sure wish I could read the French blogs as they are written, instead of putting them through Google Translate like a fool," or "Do you think Keiley would send me some of those coconut brownies if I asked really nicely?"

You're all important important to me and I think of you all as you're cooking. Know that I'm cheering all of you on, and I look forward to every challenge that every participant completes!

Stay tuned for some features from the second challenge - culinary vices!

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