Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Reminder About Primary Sources

One of the things we do a bit differently over here at the Historical Food Fortnightly is that we all use primary sources for recipes. In case you're new, I'd like to call your attention to this blog post from last year, just before we started the first round of challenges: Primary Sources and Why They Matter.

You may have noticed I'm not a huge fan of rules. I think rules (while important) tend to get in the way of creativity, so we only have a few rules that we think are Really Very Necessary. One of those rules is that participants use primary sources. It's just way more fun and more cool that way!

But Betsy, I can hear you saying, where do I find primary sources?

You're in luck. It's easier these days to find primary sources than it ever was, thanks to the beauty of the Internet. There are databases and collections at your fingertips, ripe for the searching! We've listed a few of them in the FAQs page.

HFFers*: Anyone care to share some of your primary source goldmines?

*In my mind, this is pronounced "heifers". No offense intended.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

We're Getting Closer!

Just three more weeks until 2016! Have you signed up in the Challengers page? We have a healthy number of participants already!

Remember: even if you participated last year, you need to sign up again! And please, don't leave comments or message me privately about participating - the form feeds directly to a spreadsheet which keeps me sane. Excel rules everything around me.

There is more coming this weekend: stay tuned!