The Challengers

If you would like to participate, enter your information on this form. We will keep a running list of participants below.

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Follow all our challengers to see what they create this year!

Stephanie - The World Turn'd Upside Down
Elizabeth - The Cup That Cheers
Juneisy - Historical Foodways
Kim - Turnspit and Table
Elizabeth - Beth's Bobbins
Wolf in Ivy - The 19th Century Foodie
Susan - Nosh and News
Elaine - Hoopskirts
Kelly D - Mackin-Art
ThatsHistorical - That's Historical
QNPoohBear - Musings of a Modern Bluestocking
The Green Whale Tavern - The Green Whale Tavern
Erin Myers - Returning Vintage
Marion - Green Martha Cooking
7letterDeborah - Ephemeral Chaos
Isabella D'Angelo - Isabella's Project Diary 
Christina Alexandra - Adventures of a Historical Foodie
Jeanette Murray - A Place Setting in Time
Amon and Crystal - Mug and Key
Robin - My Patchwork Katt
Evangeline - The Doyenne of History
Hemiole - Reconstitutions
Jacqueline - La Compagnie
Elizabeth - That's Sew Minnesota
Nina - Odette's Obsessions
Joyce White - A Taste of History
Gail Hope - Art, Beauty and Well-Ordered Chaos
Coralie McKenzie - Sensories in Thyme
Amber - Food of My Fathers
Sarah - Romantic History
Stella - Historical Living with Hvitr 
Keiley - Trumpets and Trimmings
Tegan - Chez Nous Handicrafts
Ari - Cooking En Releve
Lauren - Back in Thyme
Aude - Olowanpy
Anje - Kitchen Historic
Leslie Falzone - Leslie's Stuff
Janelle Sobaskie - Nelle Cooks 

...and here's who is participating without a blog:
Sara Miller
Deborah Rochefort
Amber Herman


  1. Hi. I am Angela Grimes, I am going to try very hard to manage my time better this year. I miss the group on FB and want to get cooking! I got to participate in...what was it? 2014 or 2015? Anyway, I am ready to give it a go.

  2. I signed up with the form (yay!) but I noticed that blog title and url are required fields. My sister would also like to participate, but how can she do so without a blog?

    1. Just put N/A or something like that.

  3. I don't have a blog, but I have an avid interest. I just got several historic cook books for Christmas and can't wait to have an excuse to try them out!
    -Janelle Sobaskie

  4. So I have filled out the form -- how long does it take to get added to the challengers?


  5. I'm not sure why my name hadn't made the list, so I just resubmitted the form.

  6. Forgot to but Update next to my name when I filled out the form. But yeah, I'm excited to have a go at this!
    -S S, A Book of Cookrye

  7. Is there a way, other than just following all the blogs on bloglovin', to have it so it's easy to see who completed each challenge? Could we have a page here per a challenge and people just post to it when they've completed it? I saw a lot of people complete the first one but some have dropped off since then.

  8. I'm also participating. Yay! I just resubmitted the form, because my name didn't make it to the list.