Wednesday, December 14, 2016

As mid-December approaches, I'm sure some of you are curious about where things are headed with the Historical Food Fortnightly. I've been very missing for most of the year. Life has been exciting - some of it very good, some of it difficult. That has necessarily changed my focus on many things
The Historical Food Fortnightly was born from the germ of an idea in my head. I wanted to learn more about the history of cooking and food for my own purposes of historical reenactment and living history. I figured the best way to learn would be to challenge myself to do it more often. I thought I could blog about it to keep myself more honest/on track. Melissa pointed out that others would probably want to join in that journey. That's how this all started. 
After the first year, I felt like I had achieved what I had set out to do - learn more and become more adept at historical cooking. Over the past year, my focus has shifted back to things for which I have a greater passion - sewing and knitting, researching mid 19th century life and presenting that research. I also now have a fiance, and we're getting ready to merge our households and get married next year.
I have decided, with a great deal of contemplation and difficulty, to not continue the Historical Food Fortnightly in January 2017. I do not know when, if ever, I will pick it back up again. I have enjoyed the past few years of getting to know all of you and exploring historical cooking and foodways together, and I'm grateful for the experiences we've had. Thank you so much for all you have contributed, your willingness to share, your good humor and positivity. You all have made this adventure so much more than I ever thought it could be! I hope you all will continue experimenting and learning - heck, if you need me to throw you a random challenge to spark creativity, just send me a message, I promise I will answer it.
I want to thank Melissa for everything she has done, and for spurring me on to this whole thing, as well as innumerable friends who have provided help and encouragement and inspiration along the way, and (although he's not a HFFer) my fiance, The Gentleman Friend who has supported this project and acted as a very amiable and worthy taste-tester. (He ate the Nun's Toast. That's sacrifice.)
The Facebook group will stay open - I have absolutely no intention of taking it down, but I won't be adding new members. Same with the blog. If there ever comes a time to revisit this and revive it (and it might - I'm not good at letting things go gently into that good night) I will keep you all in the know via these channels.

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