Saturday, May 3, 2014

And We're Off!

Wow! Melissa and I are just pleased as punch with the interest we've had for this little challenge of ours! We're just a little less than two weeks old, and we already have 170 folks in our Facebook group. How awesome is that? Pretty darn awesome, I think!

Not only is the amount of interest huge, but the scope of interest is as well! We've got challengers from across the globe (we have North America, South America, Europe and Australia represented for certain). We also have participants cooking across a huge range of timeframes, from the 1950s all the way back to Viking recipes! How do you even cook for Vikings? Mind officially blown, gang.

I've been adding blog links to the Challengers page. If you haven't yet joined, go comment on that page and we'll add you to the list, so everyone can follow you and your wonderful adventures!

I hope you're all scouring for recipes! I have some really interesting things in the works, and can't wait to try them out. Only a month left until we start!


  1. I am ready to post my results. How are we supposed to do this? I'm clearly more comfortable in the past!

    1. Most people post their results on their blogs/websites. Then other people can use the blogroll list of challengers to follow progress.