Sunday, May 24, 2015

The end!

This is it, guys! We're up against the last challenge! I don't know about you, but starting this last year, I had no idea what May 2015 would look like. I hope you're pleased with your participation, and that you've learned something new over the past year. I know I did! And that's what this has been about, after all - learning things and stretching ourselves.

I was so close to having a marathon - I tripped and fell at the very end, when a bout of the flu seemed to knock everything in my life off the shelves. I'm still very proud of myself for having gotten through twenty weeks of challenges! I hope that, however you were able to participate, you're proud of your accomplishments as well. Since there are no rules, we can all be winners no matter what.

We do have some people who have completed marathons! I'm not going to call people out by name, because I know I will forget someone and feel awful about it, but if you have done a marathon, comment and let us know! And for those amazing people who completed all 26 challenges, I have a small prize - a little badge you can put on your blog or website or Facebook or wherever, to brag about your accomplishment!

And if you didn't hit the marathon this time around, don't worry, because we'll be back for a second round in September! That's right, a whole new year of challenges. For now, rest on your laurels, find something refreshing to sip, and we'll be back with more details soon!


  1. I finished all 26; will see about the bonus round. ;) Thanks for running this!

  2. This was such a wonderful experience! Thank you for taking the time to put it together and bring us all together in such a sharing way! I finished all 26 as of yesterday and have plans for the bonus Challenge plus a little bonus of my own for all the other mid-century lovers. We learned so much by focusing on our chosen time period and will print our blog for the kids. Good memories!

  3. I tried to do most of them. Our oven broke and I didn't find anything I wanted to make for orange. I skipped working class dinner and hope to finish off with the bonus. I even got some real cinnamon and Dining With Mr. Darcy for inspiration ... and then the oven broke. Hopefully we'll have a new one by the time the bonus challenge period is over.

  4. I know I skipped a few but I'm glad I did manage to participate for most of them. The working class dinner will be done on the 28th. Making bread the medieval way takes a while since I needed to make a new starter...