Sunday, August 3, 2014

Challenge 4 and Challenge 5

This post is a little tardy! I was out of town for a week and off the grid, and real life conspired to keep me from writing up a summary of Challenge 4 before I made it out on the road. But, I'm making up for lost time now!

The "Foreign Foods" concept was one of those challenges that was purposefully left vague. The idea of "foreign" is a broad topic, and I was interested to see how everyone interpreted it. I was not disappointed! As always, our participants came up with an interesting mix of interpretations from different eras!

First mention goes to Keturah of Land of Our Sojourn. Full disclosure: Keturah is a very good friend of mine who was my reenacting "Big Sister" when I first started as a teenager (and still is!). She and her adorable family are currently on a sabbatical in Peru - if you've ever tried cooking in a foreign country, you know how difficult it can be, and then add in cooking historic recipes. Serious commitment happening in Peru Right now. For Keturah, "foreign" could mean quite a few different things! Since she's out of the country she went with the American classic Indian pudding. Well done, Keturah!

Next up, Hana of Marmota's Dress Diary made a "Moor of Venice" cake from a Bohemian cookbook. I love a good poppy seed/lemon cake, and this one looks extra delicious. She gets a huge amount of respect for just how long she stirred it. Honestly, Hana, I hope your next challenge involves no mixing or beating whatsoever. Way to go!

Next Up: Pies!

Need we say more? It's pies. Who doesn't love pie? Make a pie. Eat said pie. Post your results. Enjoy!


  1. Me too!
    I'm going to cheat around the pie. Quite a lot.

  2. Hm... Turns out it will rather be the case of "won't do it at all". Other things to do take preference. So yes, no stirring for me this time. :D

  3. Some people got so inventive! I admire all the ancient recipes but I'll stick to more modern. Next up for me is a family recipe that I've been wanting to try for some time. I already have a request for another family recipe for the next challenge after that.