Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Round Two Done, Onto Round Three!

I'll admit, putting a challenge for making soups and sauces in the middle of June maybe wasn't the smartest planning on our parts. I mean, most kinds of cooking/baking involve heat, but soups tend to take forever and then you eat them hot. It was probably great for those of you in the southern hemisphere, or in more temperate climes; for those baking in the heat (pun fully intended), I hope you didn't turn into soup yourself.

I'd like to give a shout-out to Isabella of Isabella's Project Diary for her interpretation of chet soup, which is an almond soup from the 15th century. She didn't even know what chet soup really was, going into this. That kind of adventuresome attitude gets major points in my book. Also, it looks and sounds delicious. Keep on rocking, Isabella.

Also have to give props to Jeanette and Patrick of Mid-Century Meals. They're preparing all their meals within the mid-20th century time frame. This is not an era known for culinary masterpieces (lime jello with carrots on a bed of cottage cheese, anyone?), but they're bravely sallying forth and they get tons of kudos from me for tackling the challenge. For this challenge, they made a tomato and orange soup from 1950 which they say was a big hit! Way to go, Patrick and Jeanette!

Next up: This Day In History. We're asking everyone to cook a dish inspired by momentous occasions in history that occurred on the day you cook them! You'd be surprised at just how much has happened in late June/early July throughout history! This website can help you find some events, if you need inspiration, and there are lots more like that one around the internet. Get creative!

Happy cooking!

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