Saturday, June 14, 2014

Challenge 1: Wrapping Up, Some Shout-Outs, and The Next Challenge

The curtains are drawing to a close on the first challenge! Melissa and I have been awed by how this round went. Fact: there are some AMAZING people participating. It's kind of awe-inspiring to think that a random idea I had on an evening in December could turn into a worldwide phenomenon.

At the end of each challenge, I'd like to highlight some participants and their creations. We'll try and rotate through as many participants as we can, so that everyone can get a glimpse of the fabulous things that everyone is creating. Fact: we have the best participants EVER.

First up, I have to give a shout out to Alison of Running with Scissors and Fabric for her interpretation of a Vesper Martini from Ian Fleming's Casino Royale. As near as I can tell, hers was the first challenge completed! While a drink (and what a drink) might be skewing the idea of food and cooking a bit, the rules of the project are purposefully loose to allow creativity and inventiveness. No one ever said it had to be cooked, or eaten. I like your style, Alison. Keep on keeping on!

Shaken, not stirred, indeed!

I would also like to call your attention to Elizabeth of Ashamanja Babu (also of my favorite local fabric shop!) for her healthy meal inspired by The Road to Wellville. I love the creativity! Elizabeth took a modern book about a historical period, referenced the information and created a historical meal. One that is slightly terrifying; I know protose is a real thing that people eat but I'm a little worried it might become sentient and take over the world, just based on the pictures. Well done, Elizabeth!

Finally, I'm a sucker for a pretty cake. Stephanie Ann of The World Turn'd Upside Down takes the cake (see what I did there?) with her Nut Cake from Anne of Avonlea. The Anne of Green Gables series proved to be really popular among participants, self included. Stephanie's interpretation has me seriously craving something sweet.

The Next Challenge: Soups, Sauces and Gravies

I've been hearing little bits of rumbling about what people are working on for this, and after how successful the last challenge was, I simply cannot wait to see what everyone does for the next challenge! If you're living south of the equator, it's probably a great time to make a pot of soup to warm you up. For us in the northern hemisphere, it's a little warm for soup - at least, I always think of soup as a cold-weather meal. There are lots of historic recipes for cold soups, though! I've got my fingers crossed that we might see some interpretations of interesting catsup recipes. Me, I found a recipe for "gravy soup", and I'm tempted to make it just to be a little bit meta with the challenge.

Happy cooking, everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the link! I am already working on the next challenge.